Dr Darren Green


Professional Growth and Stature

Dr Darren Green is highly acclaimed as a Multimedia Medical authority and positive influencer in the Health and wellness space.

He functions at the forefront of facilitating innovative techniques in thought leadership. He does this with unrivalled energy, making use of the Corporate applications of neuroscience displaying the crucial interface of neuroscience and the power it wields in innovation and performance on multifaceted levels.

Currently Dr Darren Green operates as an Event medicine specialist, heading up the corporate events department for Mediclinic Southern Africa. This entails oversight of all medical support to major events, setting up the pre-hospital and field hospital infrastructure with niche expertise and ICU capability in remote sites. Darren functions as the Chief Medical Officer for many international sporting events including the World cup rugby Sevens, British Irish Lions tour, Cape Town Cycle tour, Absa Cape Epic and Cape Town Marathon.

Darren’s credibility on media platforms is supported with current skills and expertise in clinical medicine. He is an Alumnus of the University of Stellenbosch, where he completed both his undergraduate degree in Medicine and 4 years of postgraduate training in Neurology and more recently finished off a master’s in Sports and ExerciseMedicine, at the University of Stellenbosch.  .

He was previously a lecturer in Clinical Neurology at the University of Stellenbosch, Faculty of Health Sciences. In addition he was previously engaged as a faculty member and senior lecturer for the Neuro-Leadership Programme presented by the US Business School – the primary focus was directed at the ‘Neuroscience of Corporate CHANGE’.   

Furthermore, he excelled as a senior lecturer in sport and exercise physiology for the ETA( Exercise Teachers Academy) for over 5 years at the Sports Science Institutes of both Newlands and Stellenbosch.  Darren successfully initiated numerous multimedia wellness projects and consulted at a balanced lifestyle centre for several years, predominantly focused on preventative medicine strategies.

Currently he consults on the Executive Corporate applications of Neuroscience and speaks on pertinent Health matters linked to Behavioural Economics. In addition, he is actively still a practicing physician and maintains his clinical acumen by working in the fields of high performance sport, emergency medicine as well as integrative health. He operates on all Media platforms as a Lifestyle Wellness Consultant and is an advocate for preventative medicine. His approach to well-being and winning health involves inspiring holistic health through balanced lifestyle.

Expedition and adventure doctor

As an adventure and special expedition doctor for the Department of Environmental affairs, he as voyaged on various trips as part of the Southern Antarctic program to Marion Island and continues to make significant contributions there to the development and structure of the Medical Services on Marion Island. One of his most memorable recent accolades, was being chosen as the voyage doctor for the SAS Agulhas mission to the UK in preparation for “The coldest Journey ever” undertaken by Sir Ranulph Fiennes and his team in an attempt to cross Antarctica  – forming part of a Global awareness campaign in raising funds for the treatable causes of blindness – Seeing is Believing.

Subsequently Darren has traveled with some of the world’s leading scientists, biologists and oceanographers to the most remote inhabited island of Tristan de Cunha and Gough island as the expedition doctor on board the SA Agulhas 2 ice-breaker vessel.

He relishes in the opportunity to facilitate human capacity by positive influence and inspiration in the Health and Wellness and space.

Noteworthy Accolades



Darren went on to become an authority in the Media Health and Wellness space after gracing the radio airwaves on the 94.5 KFM Breakfast show with Ryan O Connor – this catapulted his popularity as one of the country’s most engaging health personalities. His portfolio on radio has subsequently grown over the past decade where he was the resident Medical health expert on 567 Cape Talk as well as running the #Heartmindsoul wellness feature on HeartFM breakfast for more than 3 years. Numerous appearances on Radio 702, Five FM and Several community based media partner shows.


His influence then spread in print media where he became a National columnist for IOL and had 2 weekly pieces in the Daily News in KZN as well as the Cape Argus. This has led to him taking up the charge to spearhead many health and lifestyle initiatives nationwide.


He is no stranger to our TV screens and continues to inspire millions of viewers through numerous productions including being a regular multimedia health specialist on the popular Expresso Breakfast show. Highlights include “Doctors Orders”,  where he was nominated for a SAFTA award as best presenter, “Tussen Ons” and currently his own show on Kyknet entitled “MEDIES met Dr Darren Green”.

He is in the business of actual Health – challenging mind sets and paradigms pertaining to holistic wellness rather than just physical health. Darren loves simplifying complex medical issues and illuminating useful aspects for practical benefits to patients. His passion is teaching and empowering people with an understanding and insight into the mind/body connection and shifting human capacity.

Notable Accolades


A deep appreciation for music runs in his veins with significant childhood memories of his dad and grandfather using their talents extensively for worship and community outreach campaigns. At school level he performed in numerous variety concerts as well as musical theatre while playing the soprano saxophone in the wind band at Grey high school.

He speaks fondly of the memories and foundation laid in vocal performances as a lead vocalist for the University of Stellenbosch (Hippokrates) historical serenading contest for 5 years.

The singing doctor also became a finalist in the first season of SA’s POP IDOLS competition where he was a well-loved persona. A wide array of achievements has paved the road to his success. IDOLS behind him, he has been entertaining crowds throughout the country with guest appearances performing, judging, hosting and motivating at numerous events.

Darren performs a variety of crossover pop/big band, ballads and opera. His opera training has been under the auspices of the late renowned international tenor Sir Lloyd Strauss Smith as well as Professor Virginia Davids at the UCT Opera School –SA College of Music. He was also requested to perform as guest artist for Mandela’s 90th birthday as well as for Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s Ubuntu campaign.

He has performed at the highest level with internationally acclaimed professional vocalists and musicians such as the Cape Philharmanic Orchestra enjoying pieces from Phantom of the Opera, Turandot and many more.

Darren also accomplished – In Fusion, a suave and stylish album which Darren describes as “a variety of styles ranging from contemporary ballads and pop rock to elements of lounge.”  The album comprises six original tracks and seven artfully chosen cover tracks. This captivating album was the first South African Pop album to be mastered at Abbey Road Studios in London by Geoff Pesche, responsible for the likes of Coldplay, Sting, Kylie Minogue and Simon Webb (Blue). In Fusion was produced by Helmut Meijer from Stellenbosch.

Motivation & Speaking

Dr Darren Green is highly acclaimed as a Multimedia Medical authority and positive influencer in the Health and wellness space.

He functions at the forefront of facilitating innovative techniques in thought leadership. He does this with unrivalled energy, making use of the Corporate applications of neuroscience displaying the crucial interface of neuroscience and the power it wields in innovation and performance on multifaceted levels.

Dr Green’s engagement as a speaker, is best described as disruptive , provocative and  charismatic . He is a riveting inspirational speaker and a grounded interactive facilitator who commands authority whilst inspiring change. His unique personal experience and life struggles add flavour to his story and enable him to connect with all walks of life. His personality is energizing, with a positively charged smile. Known for his engaging presence and exhilarating life philosophy, this motivational speaker touches hearts, inspires minds and saves lives.  Dr Darren Green engages with various socio-economic groups on actual health and social matters and relates to both English and Afrikaans audiences with great ease. His corporate wellness programs and innovative change sessions are refreshing and challenging. His latest talk: “Turning Turmoil into tenacity” is sure to bring loads of positivity to any audience or workplace.

Focused talks and well known topics include:

“Change through innovation – Releasing the handbrake on capacity .”

“Dream destroyers – What is stopping you ?”  

“Redefining Wellness in the Millenial era”  

“Staying dynamic in times of change – a practical guide.”

He has earned the respect he now enjoys on the various media platforms of television, radio and print media. He certainly challenges mediocrity and uses his vast experience and professional speaking skills to enlighten both the professional and greater public with his creative flair. Darren shares a wealth of knowledge from his clinical experience in both the private and public health sector and explains medical concepts with contagious passion and energy. His contribution as a National Columnist, where he answers and relates to health promotion and preventative health, is far reaching – ranging from the elite high performance athletes to those who lack resources and need motivation in lifestyle modification.

Currently Dr Darren Green consults globally on Executive Corporate applications of Neuroscience in both business and high-performance sport. He is a senior Brain coach and Neuro-Wellness facilitator for Neurozone Global, speaks on pertinent Health matters linked to Behavioral Economics, and is actively practising as an Emergency and Sports Physician.

Dr Darren Green continues to grace a veritable plethora of audiences nationwide with his magical presence, motivational esteem and gusto charm. His accolades are vast and a remarkably diverse scroll of distinction sets him apart from many other high profile keynote speakers. He has a tangible passion for inspiring people and at his core lies what he believes is his calling in life – enhancing potential.

Besides being at the forefront of sharing health and wellness on these platforms, this suave young man is a seasoned performer, who entertains and hosts events both nationally and internationally.

Notable Accolades


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