“STRESS is a treatable condition – not a life sentence”
• STRESS comes in many shapes and sizes – it doesn’t discriminate between race, gender or social standing.
• Everybody possesses different abilities when it comes to coping with stress.
• There are several stress coping mechanisms that you can learn and improve.
• Breathing techniques, quality of sleep, exercise and diet are the cornerstones of stress reduction.
• Life skills like effective time management, communication and goal centred living remain crucial in overcoming stress.
• Mild stress can be useful to kickstart action and provide the initial energy for tough tasks.
• Chronic stress can have detrimental physical and emotional outcomes – paralyse your ability and lead to underachieving.
• An inability to cope with stress steals potential and robs talented people of amazing capacity.
• Planning ahead and setting boundaries are invaluable keys to becoming a winner.
• Cortisol is the stress hormone released by the body – too much can lead to many health issues like obesity and peptic ulcer disease


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